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Machine learning algorithms are the basis of artificial intelligence. However, machine learning algorithms are dependent on the data. The kind of data fed to the machine learning algorithms the kind of learning it is going to do, and that will connect to the artificial intelligence systems. Therefore, one must be clear what type of data to feed the machine learning algorithms. If the garbage kind of data supplied to the machine learning algorithms, the garbage would be the outcome. These are not the few problems that are important to be taken care of while going for an AI project. Listed are the other data-related issues one must be careful:

1. If sufficient data is not available for the kind of machine learning, the AI project may fail as it will not provide the intended decision-making and automation results.

2. Data comes from human actions and decisions. Human activities and decisions are biased and discriminatory at times. The artificial intelligence systems trained on biased and unfair rational decision data will also provide the same results and biased choices. And this can pose a massive threat to the reputation of a company in legal and societal terms

3. Unintegrated data coming from different sources is also a huge data problem for machine learning and artificial intelligence systems. Therefore data coming from various sources should be integrated to be ready for machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

4. Historical data can also create a severe problem to an undertaking artificial intelligence project. An artificial intelligence system that is intended to make the decisions on the present times, but the data is historical, it will provide the unsatisfactory results, and the project may result in a failure.

5. Unstructured data is also a problem for the artificial intelligence project. Data that is not structured and ready to be used for the machine learning algorithms will pose a problem for the artificial intelligence project undertaken.

Microsoft Amazon and IBM have denied selling their facial recognition systems to the US police. Because these facial recognition systems may help them discriminate back and white offenders. If they had sold these systems to the US police, this would have hampered their vast societal and legal reputations in the country.

Researcher @ ISB, Hyderabad