Generate Word Cloud Without Any Coding

Yes, you read it right. You can generate a word cloud for text analytics without any prior programming knowledge. You do not need to install R-studio, Python, Anaconda, and Jupiter notebook etc. You do not need to learn natural language processing (N.L.P.) for this.


Natural language processing is the process in which the meaningful patterns are found in the texts published and transcribed. One has to install the libraries and dictionaries on the programming platform. Then he has to write the long-long codes on the platform. This may take weeks to write a code to come up with a final app for a word cloud with the smaller number of options.

Word cloud is generated by the following long process in the programming and coding process :

1. The N.L.P. libraries have to be installed in the programming platform

2. Then the English dictionary has to be installed on the platform by coding

3. Now one has to write a code for removing the auxiliary verbs and articles used because the meaning of the words lies in words, not in the articles and auxiliary words

4. Now the frequency of the words accrued in the text lot has to be counted, and for that, the functions and code has to be written by the coder

5. The shape of the word cloud creation is also a part of the coding process

6. Words then appear in the word cloud in the maximum to the minimum frequency format

7. The maximum frequency word will be biggest in size and so the other words in the ascending order

8. Then the patterns and meaning are interpreted from the cloud of the words

As mentioned above, it is a big task to perform the world cloud creation and then finding meaning and values in the big chunks of the words.


The word cloud offers numerous possibilities depending upon the subject and the context under study. Listed are some of the possibilities possible with the word cloud creation and analysis.:

  1. Text Analytics


And the good news is that that you can do this in the MS word only. Yes, you read it right, you can do this in the MS word only. What you need to do is to follow the steps written here.

  1. Open the MS word and click on the Developer option (highlighted in the red) in the ribbon:

2. Now click on the Add-ins option:

3. Now click on Office Store:

4. Now search for the word cloud app there and you will get so many apps and options to install.

5. Click on Add and let it be installed. I preferred Bjorn’s Word Clouds, which provides so many options of color, font, angle, and cloud shapes. One can choose any of the apps that can generate word cloud.

6. Now select all the text in the word document and then start exploring the app.

7. Here is a sample I have worked on, and it worked well.

Therefore the next time you want to analyze what you have written, the word cloud is an excellent option to explore. If the tone of the text you want to keep positive, it is the word cloud you can look into and get the essential words positive and negative in the cloud. You can explore the sentiment analysis as well. The colors of the word cloud will tell the positive or negative sentiment of the article ]you have written.

Moreover, it is a convenient tool for marketing and customer analytics. Scrap all the online customer feedback and do the word cloud analysis. You will find meaningful patterns on which the marketing actions can be recommended and taken by the marketing teams.