From the Author

AI is the new buzz word in the technology market. You may be overhearing the term but wondering how to start. Some of you may be in the mid of your digital transformation, but the new tech is on the way to disrupt the daily operations and processes.

Companies thinking of adopting the new technology of artificial intelligence must start small. They should not think of a specific big AI strategy. Firms should focus on using AI as a tool, not the vision for the entire company.


An AI-driven voice-assisted talk scheduler is an excellent example to start small. These quick wins will spread the success stories of the new initiative. It will encourage the organization for much ambitious success of AI projects.

The research projects and talent availability of AI are souring. Even non-tech companies are lured to start with the AI. Here are some of the starting small ideas for the AI adoptions:

1. NLP for the minutes of the meeting and customer feedback analytics

2. Product recommender system

3. AI customer-facing bots

4. Auto task scheduler

5. Employee automatic attendance system

6. Fake products identifiers

7. Fire detectors

8. Spam filters

9. Disease detector systems

10. Image and video analytics systems

These are the ten small projects that the organizations can start with. There are many such project and solution ideas available.

Dedicate a team of the people for the AI projects. They will come up with the vision and appropriate ambition to scale. The network of the AI champions and the external innovations will improve the organization’s success on the AI front. Don’t fall prey to the moonshots. Small success will enable the firms to scale up earlier and fast.

Researcher @ ISB, Hyderabad